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About Recorded Future

Every day organizations are blindsided by cyber attacks, and analysts risk missing external threats that impact the business. There are valuable sources of threat data out there, but analysts struggle to gain insights from it. As a result, organizations’ risk of hacks and breaches increases alongside the data.

Recorded Future arms security teams with threat intelligence from an unrivaled breadth of sources, enabling them to proactively defend their organizations against cyber attacks.

To help organizations to proactively defend against attackers, Recorded Future’s real-time threat intelligence provides analysts full context of emerging threats from an unrivaled breadth of open, technical and dark web sources. Recorded Future is casting the widest net to help identify emerging threats. This intelligence is dynamically relevant to your organization, its IT infrastructure, partners, and industry helping to reduce security risk. Recorded Future alerts analysts to new vulnerabilities, exploits, IOCs, exposed company assets, and threat actors. Recorded Future extends its coverage to help protect key executives from cyber threats. Billions of indexed facts, with a multi-year history of links back to sources and authors, and across all languages, help analysts forecast threat trends and plan future security investments. Visually rich reports with annotated details keep the security team and company leadership informed about the threat environment. Recorded Future’s automated collection and analysis increases threat intelligence analyst productivity by 90%.

Recorded Future Intelligence Platform delivers accurate and actionable intelligence at the right time and the right place, giving you the visibility you need to stay one step ahead of the adversary.

Recorded Future's Benefits


Threat Intelligence

Equips security teams with high confidence, dynamic threat intelligence to inform security strategies and defenses


Third-Party Intelligence

Eliminates the guesswork and hassle of traditional vendor risk assessment by providing deep visibility into suspicious activity related to your organization’s vendor ecosystem


SecOps Intelligence

Enables security operations and incident response teams to make fast, confident decisions


Vulnerability Intelligence

Scores vulnerability risk based on real-time exploitation trends, providing context to quickly prioritize patching, while reducing downtime and preventing attacks.


Geopolitical Intelligence

Accelerates critical decision-making with contextual OSINT data on geopolitical threats and trends, empowering you to understand shifting dynamics and protect your assets