IBM MaaS360 (SaaS) delivers a secure, cloud based enterprise mobility management platform that provides complete mobility management and comprehensive security of mobile devices, apps, documents, emails, and access to the web from a single portal.


One of the key elements to the mobile security framework is IBM MaaS360.  It provides a single, integrated platform to manage and secure all your mobile assets. It’s flexible so you can select the suites and products you may need to address a specific use case for Devices, Apps, Container, Content, Networks and Threats.


there are 5 solutions areas designed to meet your specific mobility requirements :



1. Management Suite: Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Expense Management

Our foundational bundle that enables organizations to manage enterprise-owned and personal BYO smartphones, tablets and laptops; simplify deployment of private and public apps by delivering an easy-to-use enterprise app catalog; and deploy organization-wide expense policies to proactively monitor and track mobile data and app usage.


2. Productivity Suite: Secure Mobile Mail, Secure Mobile Browser, and Mobile Application Security

Delivers a comprehensive set of cross-platform solutions to isolate and contain work emails, Web access and app data to prevent data leaks.


3. Content Suite: Mobile Content Management, Mobile Document Editor, Mobile Document Sync

Offers a secure, encrypted container and productivity tools to distribute, view, create, edit and share documents on mobile devices.


4. Gateway Suite: Gateway for Browser, Gateway for Documents, Gateway for Apps

Provides simple, secure access to behind-the-firewall business resources, such as SharePoint, Windows File Share, intranet sites and databases


5. Mobile Threat Management: Mobile malware and advanced threat detection

Detects, analyzes and remediates mobile risks, including malware, suspicious system configurations and compromised devices.



MaaS360 Enables you to manage and secure data from end to end. it provides a platform to deliver flexible, and robust, mobile security solutions customized for your needs, and can help you ensure data is not compromised while giving employees access to the information and resources they need.





The 5 key benefits of using MaaS360 to deliver value to your organization by managing and securing your mobile environment include: