Aircuve is a South Korean company established in 2002. Over 15 years, they have developed technologies in network access control, wireless security and multi-factor authentication solutions. They have acquired numerous patents and lead the local market in South Korea, used by Hyundai, Samsung, LG and many more. Their flagship solution is the V-FRONT, a comprehensive suite to address your access issues.


Most of people in your organization have multiple devices. They bring along these smart devices into your environment everyday. While they can bring about much productivity that boosts your business, they pose additional risks inside your network. All employees who know your SSID password can easily enter your network and do things you’re not aware of.

That brings us to Multi-Factor Authentication. You can’t just let people enter your network through password (something they know). They would also have to produce something they have, within a limited period of time. This ensures visibility and assurance in your organization’s mobile environment.