Founded as Verdasys in 2003, Digital Guardian is an American company specializing in data loss prevention. Its main product, Digital Guardian, is a data centric security platform that can monitor and encrypt all your proprietary or sensitive information passing through endpoints, server or network. It gives you deeper data visibility, fine-grained control and protection to stop insider threats.


Its advanced Threat Protection provides real-time threat protection by following the attack sequence from initial contact through many attack stages, while offering flexible controls to defend in a manner commensurate to the customer's risk tolerance. It also extends the existing security eco system with integrations with network solutions, like FireEye and SIEM technologies, such as QRadar


Your organization rests on top of mountains of digital assets. It matters that your data and intellectual property stays within your control, and accessible by the right people. To make sure of that, you need strategies and tools described as data loss prevention (DLP). DLP softwares use business rules to clarify and protect confidential information so that unauthorized end users cannot accidentally or maliciously share data whose disclosure could put your organization at risk.


We provide solutions to deny the increasing insider threats inside your organization using complete and granular policies controllable through just a single console. Whether your data is structured or unstructured, in use or in motion, we are secure them all.